andhra-nationJ .Vishnu Shankar

This blog – Andhra Nation – was more of an expression of my personal passion regarding all things Andhra, though I do not reside in the state. Post bifurcation of united Andhra Pradesh, I wanted to chronicle and capture the development pangs experienced by an infant state which was left to fend for itself by a cruel act of parliament.

There were a couple of silver linings around the dark clouds, though. The first one is my strong faith in the people of this new state who are extremely resourceful and entrepreneurial. If they have not made a mark in any field as yet, it may just be construed that they have not seriously looked at that field till date. It is not as if Andhrites are incapable of beating anybody in their own game and rise to the top of any field. As a popular dialogue goes —- any centre, any junction, single hand !!

The second one was the return of Chandrababu Naidu as the CM. While I don’t like personality politics and have a healthy skepticism on every politician, one cant argue against the vision and execution capabilities of Naidu.

30 months into the new state, it is now increasingly clear that Andhra has found its mojo back. It has got its capital act going, its doing great progress on Polavaram, made a beginning on the industrialisation of the state and has got its irrigation blueprint make some strides. Birth pangs have now gone and in the next few years the bifurcation saga will slowly recede to the back of our minds.

Capturing the progress of this state from now on will need a different perspective. The coverage has to be much more broad based, the analysis much deeper and the ground reports have to be captured in many more hues. This blog Andhra Nation will be ineffective in doing that. This blog has outlived its utility.

Andhra Nation will be back as a full fledged website in about an year. Much ground work needs to be done before I get the template ready and establish an execution framework. After all this is a baby born out of passion and not fashion. It needs that much time for me to get it going. 

Till then, Andhra Nation will take a break. Thanks to all those readers who motivated me in doing this. I will engage with them once again and this time at a much deeper level.