Dhruva: Tells you what is wrong with big hero Telugu movies

dhruvaJ.Vishnu Shankar:

Dhruva is a remake of Tamil film Thani Oruvan and the original which came more than a year ago had received good reviews. I saw parts of the movie on youtube and was quite impressed. It looked like having all the ingredients of a good action thriller. Its USP was the villain, who unlike a regular villain was a brainy guy.

Dhruva is a frame to frame remake, yet goes horribly wrong. How ? How could director Surendar Reddy achieve the impossible of remaking frame to frame and yet spoiling the whole thing ? Well, therein  lies the key to everything that is wrong with big hero Telugu films.

  1. A slick action thriller is supposed to have sequences which are cool, understated yet menacing. Dhruva on the other hand is crude in its handling while trying to look slick.
  2. It suffers from Srinu Vaitla’s Aagadu syndrome. Too fast shot making, prolonged action, brutal violence and editing which is just too fast; all these are mistaken to achieve the edge-of -seat thrills but deliver exactly the opposite results.
  3. And if one final nail in the coffin is to be picked, it is the background score. Don’t know if its by Hiphop Tamizha or someone else, but whoever that guy is, please get a crash course in music making. It is extremely loud, crude and deafening to say the least.

And to know that the lead hero and the director actually thought that this movie will give Telugu audience a great movie. Oh god, please save Telugu audience from this onslaught.

Movie watching is supposed to be an experience. And a good movie is the one which sends the audience back to their homes with some emotions. Dhruva will make you feel that you have been tied to a pole and have been beaten up by sledge hammer.

A bad day at the movie hall.


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