Vizag is the 6th best education hub in the country: Economic Times Survey

vizag-is-countrys-6th-best-education-hubAndhra and Vizag may rejoice. Vizag is getting national recognition as one of India’s leading education hubs and is ranked 6th in the country both in education in general and in higher education in particular. 

(Economic Times Sunday magazine joined hands with Mumbai-based research firm TRA Research, formerly the Trust Research Advisory and came up with a volume on India’s Most Trusted Educational Institutes (MTEIs) that listed 1,000 schools, colleges and universities across the country. TRA used a method that tried to find out the educational brands that students and parents trust the most at a personal level. It had two parts. In the first, students and parents were asked to identify institutions on 61 different parameters of trust. Here, parameters like “caring“ or “understands you“ were also used. In the sec ond part of the survey, respondents were asked to identify five institutions they trust from across the country.  For this joint ET Magazine-TRA study on India’s educational hubs, TRA statisticians sliced their data city-wise, to help discover the buzzing new educational hubs in India, the emerging education stories.)

Vizag is far ahead of Hyderabad in these rankings. Hyderabad however, ranks 1st in the country as a destination preferred by outstation students while Vizag ranks as low as 29th. What it means is that while Vizag offers quality education ( and hence 6th Nationally) it is unable to market itself as one ( so the perception rank of 29). Can the Andhra government do some marketing for Vizag as a premier education hub ??

You can see the full report HERE.

But there are a couple of other things both Vizag and Andhra citizens in general should take care of.

  1. Higher education is not just engineering. While Vizag ranks 4th in the country in Engineering education it still has a long way to go in other subjects.
  2. While IIM has now started in Vizag, the city is still nowhere in management education.
  3. In law, it has a good college in Damadoram Sanjeevaiah. But Vizag citizens are hardly interested in law and many do not even know that a good law college exists in their city.
  4. Andhrites, in their mad rush for engineering and medicine, don’t even look at other professions. This has to change.

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