Does Andhra Pradesh expect too much from its Chief Minister ??


India Today’s Infra rankings

The last few weeks have been analysts’ delight. One survey after the other hit the headlines. First there was the Ease of business state rankings by DIPP in consultation with world bank. Then there was one VDP survey ranking India’s CMs. Then two days ago there was India Today’s rankings on best infrastructure in states. In between there was also a Niti Aayog survey on farm sector.

AP stands at the top both in Ease of doing business and on infrastructure front. In EOB it bettered its last year ranking. And on Infrastructure too, the top ranking clearly is because of the good work in the last two years. In its survey report on why it ranked AP No 1, India Today states, ” AP completed 26 of 52 projects (50%) sanctioned under JNNURM. Average for all states is only 31%.  92% of households in the state are connected by pucca roads. Andhra has also laid 23,000kms of optic fibre in the last two years. Its progress on air travel connectivity too is commendable. ”

Obviously both EOB and Infrastructure rankings give a lot of credit to the good work done by Chandrababu Naidu in the last 2 years. Why then has he slipped from No 5 to No 7 in the CMs ranking of VDP associates ?? It would be foolish to question the authenticity of the VDP survey as the CMs ranked ahead of Naidu are indeed very popular in their own states. For example, it is common knowledge that the popularity of KCR has not diminished one bit in the last 30 months in Telangana.

Objectively speaking Chandrababu Naidu has certainly done better work in the last 30 months than KCR or Shivraj Singh Chouhan or Mamata Benerjee or J.Jayalalitha. Why then do Andhrites rank him lower than what people of other states rank their CMS ??

manavaallu-vutti-vedhavaloyiI feel this low rank of Chandrababu is not because of lack of good work but because of the high expectations people have about his government. In fact, if you see in the history, Andhrites have one particularly strong bad habit of not really appreciating their own men. Andhrites somehow act too tough to please and it is the same attitude that is playing out now. It also has something to do with Andhrites blindly believing, for no rhyme or reason, that governance in other states such as TN, Gujarat and Maharashtra must be much better than what it is in AP. Our guys are simply ignorant of the fact that that as citizens of AP, they are indeed witnessing one of the best performing governments. 

Not good for the state and certainly not good for the people. People should understand that being too critical of your own government ultimately results in the whole state losing out. Certainly criticise the government when it falls short of promises, but for heaven’s sake appreciate the good work.


One thought on “Does Andhra Pradesh expect too much from its Chief Minister ??

  1. Well the first stupid belief of democracy is “wisdom of masses ” when it comes to voting or judging. Not only Andhra – India too threw out NDA in 2004 for no good reason at all. The act of voting- available to all without qualification- is so easy (just show up and press the buzzer)- that vast majority don’t put any real thought to it. The people who take a really keen interest in voting tend to be those whose plans were thwarted to make money and want to make up for it. Lets say the govt really works and brings few hundred high paying tech jobs and your neighbor son landed one of them but your son didnt. Which vote marketing you think works ? the positive marketing which says one of your neighborhood boys made it to job or the negative marketing which links the caste of your neighbor to caste of CM and works on increasing jealousy that tends to exist in lot of humans? The answer is you cant say. Which is not acceptable if a country or state is serious about devlopment.


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