Fear of law or too much corruption ?? Telugu states top black money disclosures

The recently concluded IDS (Income declaration scheme) of the central government where in tax avoiders were asked to come clean with their self declaration of unaccounted wealth, threw some surprise winners. And the winning states are Andhra and Telangana.

Out of the Rs 65,000 crs collected nationally by the union finance ministry under this amnesty scheme, a whopping 15-20,000 crs has come from both Telugu states, which accounts for a huge 20-30% of national collections. Telugu states have beaten even much bigger centres like Mumbai ( Rs 8500 crs) and Delhi ( 7000 crs)

We really do not know if this is fear of law or too much corruption. I suspect that it is the second one and the amount declared must be a tip of the ice berg.

Image result for rich indian politicianJust look at the business- politics nexus in the Telugu states. While this nexus is a problem all over the country, nowhere is it as rampant as in the Telugu land. Almost every MP has some business connection ( covert or overt). We routinely hear complaints about our MPs not doing any worthwhile praja seva but devoting their time in Delhi to only lobby for contracts. Telugu MPs also top the list of crorepati MPs in the country. While there is nothing wrong or unlawful if a businessman wants to become peoples’ representative, in Telugu states the easiest way to become an MLA or an MP is to be a rich businessman first. And then, throw some of this wealth at the political parties who can never so no to you.

God save Telugu states. And let god give better brains to the citizens to differentiate between genuine praja sevakulu and political businessmen. After all the guy who throws money to become an MLA or an MP will start planning from day one as to how to get it back 2X or 3X.



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