Economic Times editorial: Get over special status fever, Andhra..

Thanks national media for arguing. But we agree to disagree !!

Close on the heels of M.Govinda Rao’s article in the Hindu saying that AP should be happy with the good package that it got from the centre, ( Link HERE) Economic times carried an editorial asking Chandrababu to get over the Special status fever.

In an editorial titled – Naidu, junk special status fetish,  ET writes “Andhra Pradesh is miffed that it has not been granted the status of a special category state. This is pointless. The class `special category’ does not exist any more, after the 14th Finance Commission (FFC) removed the distinction between general and special category states, given that it had factored in the levels of backwardness to devolve funds to states.”

ET further says ( Here is the link to the article)”Central funds must flow to states that show extraordinary effort to fight backwardness, improve their own tax effort, health and education indicators, and achievements in physical infrastructure. States that strive to be the best must be rewarded, and not those who stay backward. The government cannot pour taxpayer money to satisfy political whims.”

But what is Andhra Nation’s take on this ?

AP has been bifurcated in very troubling circumstances much against the wishes of its people. Andhrites reconciled to the fact of state division only after certain assurances were given, some through the 2014 re-organisation act and some others only verbally like the special status promise by the then PM. National media may look at the Andhra package through a different prism. But for local Andhrites it is basically a question of promises being dishonored. Let us not forget that even promises made through the act like setting up of a railway zone have not materialized. While we at Andhra Nation appreciate the national perspective which is reflected by the national media, we call on the national media to also appreciate local sentiments.

Andhra Nation sticks to what it has written before on the subject. ” It is clear that AP has been cheated royally”


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