After going back on special status, BJP and TDP go on the offensive

ap-ki-topiJ.Vishnu Shankar:

A lie told a hundred times may start sounding like a truth. This is what the ruling BJP and TDP seem to have decided upon. After promising special status to AP continuously for over 2 years and having reneged on the promise now, they have decided to go on the offensive. And notably a section of the media has now taken up the cause of helping these parties.

Chandrababu defended his acceptance of the package in the assembly saying special status is not a panacea for all ills. He even went to the extent of asking what help did it do to the states already enjoying a special status. Venkaiah, the entire state BJP leadership and of course the likes of Sujana Choudhury say that they personally believe that package is better than spacial status.

So nice, but a few important questions remain, which the mainstream Telugu media have not been asking. (Both print and news channels with the exception of TV9) 

  1. When both Naidus know that special status is of no use and package is better, why did they not say that on 2nd June 2014 and waited for 27 months ??
  2. When did Chandrababu understand that the 11 states enjoying special status have not been doing great ? Is it only in the 1st week of September 2016 ?
  3. Why did TDP and state BJP continue to re-iterate for 2 years that they are trying their best to get the special status and suddenly change their opinion on the benefits of special status ?
  4. Why did newspapers which carried headlines like ” AP ki topi” whenever signals came from centre that special status was not going to be granted suddenly change their stand now ? It is shameful that the same newspapers have been running editorials and news items saying people should be practical and should appreciate the good parts of the package.

In fact the role of the media too has been pretty unsatisfactory. All Telugu news channels have run programs criticizing the centre for not giving special status to AP. But that was only till a few days back. ( For ex..Watch here ABN’s Program on the same dated 5-3-12015 titled AP ki topi). After the centre has officially announced that it can only offer a package but not special status all these channels went into a mute mode with exception of TV9. Worse, they are now carrying programs as to best to see the positive side of the same.

What is given now is not even a package. It is only half-hearted implementation of the 2014 AP re-organisation act. So what has the centre delivered after 2 years of dilly-dallying? It has given Andhrites only half of what was their right, a right given to them by the highest law making body of the country, ie the Parliament.

Black day for AP. Nothing more, nothing less.


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