Andhra Special Package: It is clear that AP has been cheated royally !!

There is a saying that “there can be a slip between the cup and the lip’. The central government has taken full advantage of the badly drafted 2014 re-organisation act and has cheated the true aspirations and expectations of Andhrites.

While Jaitley and Venkaiah say that they have gone by the 2014 act and are doing full justice to it, what they have actually done is to look into every single badly drafted sentence, every single ambiguous word and see how best the spirit of the act can be killed.

Copy of the AP re-organisation act 2014 is HERE.

Hats off to Jaitley’s  legal brain and Venkaiah’s vocal cords !! They can try their best to gift wrap this utter disregard for Andhra. but anyone with their hand on the heart will know that this is inexcusable. And I am pretty sure people know this very well. Even the role of AP CM Naidu comes into fierce questioning here. While everyone appreciates that an open fight with the centre is of no use for any state, there is a lurking feeling somewhere that he is not doing enough.

Now lets us look at some important issues.

( Click here for a copy of the statement issued by the Centre)

Construction of Capital: AP will have to look at its own resources now. Centre has almost made it clear that there is nothing substantial it will do about it.

Polavaram: As they say, it is “guddi lo mella”. A squint eye is better than a blind one. Centre says 100% funding. But plenty of riders.

  1. Only for the cost incurred after May 2014.
  2. That too only the irrigation project cost, which means no money for land acquisition.
  3. Another important rider is that “the project cost is as calculated in 2014” implying that any cost appreciation will have to be borne by the state.

So in all fairness, this so called 100% by centre will be around 50-60% in reality. While Jaitley and Venkaiah will go to town with this 100% figure, they are actually lying taking advantage of small print. shame…shame..

Railway zone: A big zero. The excuse is that Orissa and Chattigarh are objecting. The reality is that for the BJP, Orissa and Chattigarh are more important states. It hopes to come to power in Orissa someday and it is in power in Chattisgarh. Andhra does not figure in this picture and hence, why bother ??

Revenue deficit reimbursement: Another big farce. Technicality is the excuse here. Centre can always differ with state’s calculations of revenue deficit and only okay what ever they feel like.

Special tax incentives: Depreciation write-offs and such other trivia are not going to help AP in any way in attracting companies. And post 1st April 2017 when the GST regime kicks in, it will become even more difficult for any state to offer tax incentives. So just forget. Any central blabbery on this is utter nonsense.

So what is left ?? IIT, IIM.. which anyway are coming up in every state. Some roads.. which anyway keep coming up allover India and some other chhota mota mercies. If this is what centre means by saying ” Special incentives.. Special package etc” .. to hell with them.

It is now clear. The BJP led central government just does not care for Andhra. They sincerely do not bother if the 5 crs citizens of this state swim or sink. And for some peculiar reason, the state government is in no mood to fight. Babu said in the assembly yesterday that he has his own agenda. But dear CM, very frankly, people are not bothered about your or BJP’s agenda. How do I care about someone’s agenda when I am being cheated in broad day light ??


2 thoughts on “Andhra Special Package: It is clear that AP has been cheated royally !!

  1. Good analysis. When bifurcation is done on political considerations the trend can not be different post bifurcation. When the leader of the state id officially satisfied with what is given by the BJP then there is no meaning in barking at the center. Every body know the villain in the entire drama is Venkaiah Naidu and Chandrababu is close partner in the drama.


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