Rayalaseema’s 4o year old dream, Nandyal – Yerraguntla railway line, is now ready !!

Kurnool and Kadapa. These are the two important districts of Rayalaseema. They are also next to each other. But they are not connected by railway. A perfect symbol of backwardness in infrastructure ??

Well that will be history now. Nandyal and Kadapa  direct railway line which is called the Yerraguntla – Nandyal railway line is already open to goods traffic and from 23rd August to passenger traffic also.

The benefits are many

  1. Kadapa district will now be connected by rail to not just Kurnool distrcit but also to the new capital Amaravati as Nandyal falls on the important Guntakal-Guntur line.
  2. Nandyal will now become a railway transit junction in Rayalaseema besides Guntakal.
  3. For the many mineral, limestone and cement factories at Yerraguntla and Kadapa, this line will be a shorter route for transporting material.
  4. And finally many important towns like Proddatur which have till date been out a rail network altogether will see rail connectivity.

Nandyal - Yerraguntla railway line

Raise a toast to this new railway line and wish all the best for the next most important line in Andhra which is the Srikalahasti – Nadikudi railway line. Read more on Srikalahasti – Nadikudi railway line HERE.

An earlier Andhra Jyothy report dt 13th July on Nandyala – Yerraguntla railway line

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trial run completed….Goods train arrives nandyal today from yerraguntla….passenger, express trains…

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