Get ready Sindhu… Your time starts now !!

pv sindhuOn a day when someone lost an Olympic gold, the above heading may look deceptive or too optimistic. But lets us look at what happened very dispassionately. No..I am not a Badminton expert. But life skills are the same whatever be the profession. And when someone is trying to reach the very top in any profession, its those soft skills that differentiate the winner from others.

Did Sindhu play badly in the finals ?? No, not at all. Did she play to her potential ?? Yes, of course. When these two things fall in place, you know the future is bright. Sindhu was a  novice, totally new to a big stage like an Olympic final. That did not deter her nor the fact that she was playing the world number one.

Her opponent was just too strong. Carolina Marin was moving on the court at lightning speed. Sindhu will certainly have to work hard at her speed. Marin also was certainly more experienced. That showed in the way she played those deceptive master shots. Sindhu will get those after a few more top notch games. So in the end analysis, what differentiated both of them was 1) Speed, which Sindhu will have to work at and 2) Experience which Sindhu will anyway get in few more years. She has the height, she has the temperament, she has the technique and she has a super duper support system in the form her coach and her family. All perfect ingredients for a very very bright future.

She has now tasted success. An Olympic silver is no mean feat. She has also tasted fame. She now knows what it means to be the darling of an entire nation. No one in this position will simply throw it all away. And Sindhu does not look like one who will throw this all away. She looks every inch a fighter. And guys, don’t forget Pullela gopichand. He is still around to goad her to seize the moment.

Get ready Sindhu.. your time starts now !! And we are waiting to see a great sporting career unfold right in front of our eyes.


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