Telugu states score big in IIT selections, but other south Indian states get wiped out

ap telangana iit-jee toppersTelugu states continued their dominance in the IIT selections in 2016 and are second only to Rajasthan. But if you add state wise selections in NITs and IIITs too, then Telugu boys and girls are right in the forefront beating every other state including Rajasthan.

State wise IIT selections are keenly followed in academic circles. That is not just because of the pre-eminence of IITs as the destination for the best and the brightest. IIT toppers usually make way to IIMs too and lead jobs in corporate circles. They also participate in big numbers, in start ups and new business creation. Hence IIT selection numbers are taken as a proxy for what a state is headed to in future on the development indices.

There are other side trends to be noticed.

  1. One is the emergence of BIMARU (Bihar + Jharkhand, MP, Rajasthan and UP) states in IIT selections. These BIMARU states long seen as backward now send the biggest contingent to IITs there by indicating that their youth is not taking backwardness lying down.
  2. Southern states ( with the obvious exception of Telugu states) are clear losers. States like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, long seen as developed and educated have clear lost out on the IIT race. That is bad news not just for these states but for entire south India.

Here are the state wise figures in number of students who made it to the IITs

Rajasthan 1995,  AP+ Telangana 1753,  UP 1327, Maharashtra 937, MP 753, Bihar 692, Delhi 517, Jharkhand 404, Haryana 366, West Bengal 255, Tamil Nadu 222, Gujarat 220, Punjab 198, Kerala 164, Karnataka 149, Orissa 118, Chattisgarh 117


2 thoughts on “Telugu states score big in IIT selections, but other south Indian states get wiped out

  1. Good analysis but why Tamilnadu and Karnataka should also have been part of analysis.Is Bihar’s school exam scandal is also extending to IIT entrance? Or  else how do we explain the raise in Bihar students in premier institutions without cleansing of existing school system including the exams system.


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