Samantha Tamma:

I have refrained myself from writing reviews for the last two movies I saw. I cannot explain in words my disappointment after watching Brahmotsavam. Not for all the reasons that it was criticised for, but I really had hopes on Srikanth Addala. I still liked the movie in parts, I really appreciated his efforts to portray something that is Telugu ( the kalamkari paintings of Raghuvamsam at the titles, the decorations of the Gods and some of the interior designing were really good – but he missed the essence). His idea of Unity is good but execution showed a complete lack of craft and skill. The edited version is much much better after removing some 18 minutes.

In one of our previous articles – Tollywood Trends -II, we mentioned how Trivikram was falling into the trap of big heroes and it was high time for him to get back to work with a normal hero. A – aa is a nice movie. But Trivikram failed by his own standards. He retained retort but lost intensity. This is his hat- trick movie with the same theme of revealing flash back in three parts. In Attarintiki Daredi, s/o Satyamurthy and A- aa – he tried to use a partial revelation of past as a means to hook customers. We are bored of this and trend marchali Trivikram garu. It is still fine in A – Aa, but I guess this is the last straw on the camel. Enjoyed A – Aa for Samantha, some songs and a beautiful village house.

In an Industry where only commercial elements work and art movies are a rarity, these movies are like lightening that brought hope of a good rain, but the cloud was not matured enough. At the end of the day – a hero bashing 100 guys, violence and machoism still make a block buster and any slight deviation – they are labelled serials. While these directors had the courage to think out of the box – I can’t tell you how much I wanted them to pull it off well and how much I am disappointed by their failure.

gentleman reviewNow –  Gentle Man (Nani) has the magic wand. Bhale Bhale, Krishna Gadi Veera Prema and his latest flick do it all. They make you laugh – but don’t feel shallow. His acting prowess are only increasing by the day and Surabhi is a treat. The music is light and sweet. Chali Gail choodu is already doing its rounds in the radio. The suspense is maintained till the end. Nani has this immaculate ability of managing expectations. We know what we get. We don’t expect a Kala Khandam from him but there is a minimum guarantee. The Gentle man delivered it! With ease, poise and confidence. His movies might not be huge revenue collectors, but  I guess by now he earned the brand of not just being the natural star – but one of the most TRUSTED heroes in the industry. I hope he lives up to this and we keep trusting him.