vivaha bhojanmbuJ.Vishnu Shankar:

There is nobody in South India who has not heard the Vivaha bhojanambu song from Mayabazaar. Picturised on SV Ranga Rao, this iconic song turned every one over many generations into a fan on first hearing. This song also immortalized Ghantasala as a music director for the variety that he can offer apart from songs steeped in classical music which is obviously his strength.

In fact in one of my articles on “All time Top 20 cine albums in Telugu film History”,  published in,  I rated Mayabazaar as the 3rd best cine album of all time. Another film for which Ghantasala scored music is undisputedly the best album of all time for me and that is Lavakusa.

But there is a whatsapp message doing the rounds that the song Vivaha Bhojanambu from Mayabazaar may have been copied from a 1922 English song titled ” The laughing police man” by Charles Jolly. A youtube search for the song did show up in the video and the song does sound a little similar to Vivaha Bhojanambu though not by much.

So did Ghantasala get inspired by this 1922 English song ? I do not know and I wish that he never probably even heard about it. For me Ghantasala is a master in his own right and I would like that feeling to remain with me forever.

Readers can watch the following video of the 1922 song and come to your own conclusions.

The song ” The laughing policeman” by Charles Jolly