Shifting to Amaravati – CM’s tough stand augurs well for the state !!

It is clear that the temporary secretariat is unlikely to be ready by June 27th. It may take a couple of more months at best. It is also clear that AP employees shifting to Amaravati will not have it very easy in terms of convenience. There are bound to be teething problems in a place which is not only new but also not equipped to to handle this huge influx.

But none of this should be an excuse for the employees to ask for a postponement of shifting. To say that ‘we can come once everything is ready” is not realistic. It is bound to be chaotic for the employees for the first few months after shifting. But if the shifting is postponed, the whole concept of Andhra Pradesh operating from its own soil also gets postponed.

Some excuses by employees

And why can’t employees realise that they are only employees and are supposed to work from where ever they are asked to go ?? Don’t teachers, doctors and even public sector bank employees go to newer towns and villages when posted ??

The government should make sure that the shifting takes place at the earliest. Its OK if it is postponed by a few months but postponing the shifting to June 2017 as some employees are demanding is not in the interest of the state and its people.



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