J.Vishnu Shankar:

It is exactly two years after bifurcation. What better time to assess where the states of AP and Telangana are heading. While development has to be adjudged on many broad parameters, I am tempted to compare both states on Industrial proposals received and implemented. This is in the backdrop of general feeling that new industries may come more in Telangana owing to the presence of Hyderabad.

The following table is obtained from DIPP (Dept of Industrial policy and promotion, Govt of India) and hence these are the only official figures available. The data is captured till Feb 2016 and hence, is the latest that is available. Here are the findings.

Andhra vs Telangana

  1. Industrial Proposals: In 2015, AP received 133 proposals worth Rs 21197 crs against Telangana which received 130 proposals worth Rs 9676 crs. AP is clearly ahead. In the first two months of 2016 too, AP received 35 proposals worth Rs 5119 crs against Telangana’s 26 proposals worth Rs 3318 crs. The trend of AP leading continues.
  2. Implemented projects: Coming to implemented projects, in 2015, AP implemented 51 proposals worth Rs 4542 crs against Telangana which implemented 7 proposals worth Rs 494 crs only. AP is clearly ahead in implementation too. In the first two months of 2016 too, AP implemented 11 proposals worth Rs 825 crs against Telangana’s 3 proposals worth Rs 73 crs. The trend of AP leading continues.
  3. If you compare all states in the country in project proposals AP ranks 6th in 2015 behind Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Orissa where as in projects implemented in 2015 it is ranked 4th after Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.
  4. I am not ranking in 2016 as the data pertains only for the first two months.

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