J.Vishnu Shankar:

It certainly is an irony. People of Andhra Pradesh do not know which day to celebrate as the formation day. Should it be

  • 1st October ( in 1953 Andhra and Rayalaseema were separated from Madras state and a new state was born) or
  • 1st November ( 1956, when the united AP was formed after including Telangana )
  • or should it be 2nd June ( 2014, when Telangana was bifurcated and the older version of Andhra + Rayalaseeema were retained).

This is indeed tricky. What is clear is that 1st November is certainly ruled out as Telangana is no more a part of the state. So it has to be either 1st October or 2nd June. The government has not been celebrating 2nd June since 2014. There was bitterness on that day in 2014 and it was not a happy occasion. So what needs to be done? Should Andhra Pradesh revert to 1st October as its formation day ?

Chandrababu government has been terming 2nd June as a day for Navanirmana Deeksha. That is OK but it reflects the mentality of a sulking state and not one which is proud of itself. Andhra Pradesh may be in a web of problems presently but that in no way means that it is a failed state or that its people are incompetent. In fact in my opinion, people of the present Andhra Pradesh are among the most entrepreneurial in the country and are second to none in any field. Then why this sulking ?? Don’t people of AP deserve to celebrate their day ? What if Telangana has separated ?

Andhra Pradesh government will do well to declare a state formation day at the earliest and celebrate it with gusto. Its people are second to none and that will be proved sooner than later. They certainly deserve a day to celebrate their own state.

The only thing one needs to think at this time is — Will Potti Sreeramulu not want his Andhra people to celebrateĀ an Andhra formation day.

The answer is clear to all of us.