brahmotsavam flop
Whose film has lost more money ??

First it was Sardaar Gabbar Singh. And now Brahmotsavam !! The back of the distributors who invested in these movies is broken. Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu are the two biggest heroes and back to back “blockbuster flops’ from these two top heroes has Tollywood bleeding like never before.

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The Telugu Film Distributors Council (TFDC), which met in Hyderabad on Tuesday , cautioned distributors against buying films for unreasonable amounts. Distributors from all the districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana discussed the critical situation the Telugu film industry was going through with films of big heroes bombing at the box-office. It may be mentioned here that because of the hype that producers create before the release of a film, distributors invariably vie with each other to bag the distribution rights.“Though distributors with experience who know the market well have their own calculations and read the situation appropriately and offer an amount they think is reasonable, new distributors are only too eager to grab the films’ rights paying exorbitant amounts,“ a senior distributor said.

Producers naturally sell the rights to whoever pays more but the distributors are left in the lurch when the film bombs at the box-office. However, according to sources, the trend appears to be changing now with producers trying to compensate distributors for losses. Earlier, producers would only promise the distributors that they would be given their next film for a reasonable rate as a compensation.

According to trade sources, director V V Vinayak who directed ` Akhil’, starring Nagarjuna’s son Akhil, monetarily compensated distributors for the film’s losses. It is learnt that PVP Cinema, which was a co-producer of `Brahmotsavam’, talked to distributors and exhibitors about their losses.However, what formula is being worked out as a compensation is not known yet. “No one expects to be compensated the full amount. Film business is a risky business. However, if some percentage of amount is given to compensate for the losses, film trade will not suffer much. Otherwise, it will be a deadly blow to film industry ,“ a functionary of Telugu Film Distributors Council said. Source: Times Of India, Hyderabad Edition

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