No haphazard development like this please !!

The AP Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) has banned several activities in the residential and commercial zones in the returnable plots to land owners in the capital city area. The CRDA will allot residential and commercial plots separately to farmers, who gave up their lands in land pooling for the construction of the capital city. The CRDA has pooled about 30,000 acres of land from the farmers in the capital city area.

The CRDA has issued notification on returnable plots to the farmers. In the notification, the CRDA has mentioned zonal regulations such as how many floors can be constructed in individual sites and group sites in residential and commercial zones, what activities are banned in these zones.

The residential plots will be minimum 120-210 square yards and maximum 6,000-25,000 square yards. Commercial plots will be minimum 60-180 square yards and maximum 3,600-25,000 square yards.

If in a family there are five members to get returnable plots whether residential or commercial and they want plots at one area, the CRDA will allot according to that. The CRDA has banned some activities in residential and as well as in commercial zones.

  • In residential zone, construction of hostels, hyper markets, godowns for storage of construction material, banks, booking offices, hotels, hospitals and private educational institutions are banned. In commercial zone, construction of old age homes, courts, circus, sports stadiums, jails, eco resorts, botanical gardens are banned.
  • In residential zones, owners of plots will be allowed to construct apartments and multi stored buildings. The CRDA will allow constructing G+3 to G+11 floors depending on the plots size.
  • In commercial zone also, the plot allottees will be allowed to construct apartments and multi-stored buildings. The CRDA will allow constructing G+1 to G+ 8 depending on the plots size.