Samantha Tamma:

I have seen Sarrainodu and Sardaar Gabbar Singh and have chosen to not even review them.. Nothing much to write about these flicks. We know the formula that they are based on – ever since we even saw the first posters or trailers. ( on a relevant note.. read “Sardar Gabbar Singh flop show leaves Tollywood bleeding”)

The next set of films are 24 and Supreme.

 24 is a much hyped Surya and Rehman combination  brimming with stardom and expectations ( though Rahman by all standards has lost his melodious touch) and Supreme is just another movie from the Mega family. There is nothing in common or worth comparison, other than the fact that are released in the same time and people have to choose, which film will entertain them better – the Tamil Surya hype or the Telugu beaten to death formula.

I am honestly disappointed with 24. The director should have at least read the recent fire bird series to get something seem more like science fiction. Even if we take the fantasy of time machine to be be interesting, the premise on which the time machine works is flawed at some points. While all characters who don’t own the time machine  generally forget the future they once lived – the villain does not forget. While the hero – who owns the time machine remembers all the three phases of time ( past – present and future), he forgets that he has been killed once. Who remembers what, when and why – is utterly illogical. How come the villain remembers everything is not answered.  While the locations, the sets, the actors tried to do a good job – I still feel 24 lost touch with the sensibilities of matured audience – in the science fiction genre. After all – all movies can’t pull it like robot. Trying to attempt non linear narratives is becoming fashionable – but it is extremely dangerous if you can’t live up to it. I think 24 suffered some such set backs. The best- best  part of 24 is however the triple role played by Surya. In his own words – “HE IS A BRILLIANT VILLAIN”.

On the other hand – I felt the simplicity in Supreme won. Honestly it is not an extraordinary movie. But given the basic elements of comedy – a simple narrative and 1-2 pleasant songs – the movie did it. A feel good film in which we know ultimately the good wins over bad, what has to be done will be done and the hero can cross it all. So you now know – what is in each movie and what to choose.