modi vs chandrababuThe distance between TDP and BJP both as political parties as well as governments ( at the centre and state) is growing wider and wider. The latest in the series of unpleasant exchanges is the refusal of the centre to accept state calculations on deficits which is resulting in Andhra getting much lesser funds than expected even on the revenue deficits which are supposed to be fully refunded by the centre.

The state government had sent a report quoting the Accountant General (AG) that the revenue gap in the 2014-15 financial year was about Rs 16,200 crore and requested release of these funds. The Centre released Rs 2,300 crore in the beginning of previous financial year and another Rs 500 crore in the last month of the same financial year. The Centre told the state that it would release another Rs 500 crore in the last week of March 2016.

To release these funds the Union Finance Ministry asked the state government to send several details. The Centre asked about the expenditure on subsidies in the year 2014-15; later it asked about the details of the expenditure on development works under plan and non-plan and also the expenditure on several schemes. The state government sent all these details. But, to date, the Centre has not released Rs 500 crore as promised.

tdp vs bjpAn official in the finance department said  finance officials in Delhi indirectly indicated that the Centre will not release any more funds towards outstanding arrears of revenue gap. AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, speaking at a meeting on Friday, said the Centre had released only Rs 2,800 crore against Rs 16,200 crore.

Meanwhile the issue of special status to Andhra continues to sour the relationship. All hell broke loose after the centre declared in parliament that it has no intentions of granting AP any special status.

Andhra Jyothy reports that in the event of the bill of KVP Ramachandra Rao coming for voting in Rajya Sabha lated this week, TDP is expected to vote along with Congress asking for the inclusion of spacial status promise in the AP Re-organisation bill. BJP’s game plan for scuttling the spacial status has so far hinged on its non-inclusion in the official bill of 2014 even as it conveniently side stepped  Venkaiah Naidu’s Rajya Sabha dramatics during the passage of the bill.