Vishnu Shankar:

Judging politicians and those holding high offices is not easy. More often than not, in a noisy democracy like ours, people tend to judge CMs and PMs either too favourably or too harshly. Our judgment is often eclipsed by several emotional and historic factors and not just by a cold matter-of-fact analysis.

Look at the number of factors which come into play when we judge a CM or PM.

  1. Caste and region
  2. The party he comes from ( our affiliation to political parties is almost like our liking for cine heroes. We blindly like them or dislike them).
  3. The way he speaks in public and his oratory skills ( leaders who are powerful speakers like Vajpayee, NTR, Narendra Modi, KCR etc have a great political advantage irrespective of their actual abilities)

Any one will tell you that the above factors mar our judgement big time. Then how do we judge a CM or a PM ?? In my view there are only 2 factors that need serious consideration. The first one is vision and the second, execution ( translating that vision into reality)

Vision: Political leaders by nature have the ability to sell extremely impressive dreams. Combine that with the oratory skills of a Modi or a KCR, you have an impactful concoction that will get a common man to reel under a delirious orgasm.

Execution: This is the area where many strongmen slip badly and tear their political ligaments. It is easy to sell a dream but very difficult to make it happen on ground.

Chandrababu Naidu has sold a huge vision to Andhrites on their new capital. It is 20 months since the new state came into being and it is time to judge him on this. Here is why, in my view he deserves a 10/10 on Amaravati as of today. Here is what the sceptics had to say from time to time on the new capital and how Naidu dealt with it. This is almost like a timeline since June 2014.

Sceptics: Whichever region you house the capital ( Rayalaseema, Krishna -Guntur or Vizag) the other regions are bound to be up in arms.

Result: Nothing of that sort has happened.

Scpetics ( after declaring Amaravati): Why does he need 34000 acres ? You just need 200 acres to construct a capital.

Result:  Naidu refused to be as myopic as the sceptics. A good capital would indeed need a huge acreage ( Read our article A big Namaste to all those asking why 30,000 acres) . He insisted on constructing a world class capital and the master plan tells us why we need 30,000 acres and more if we need to have a capital that we are proud of.

Sceptics: Farmers will never part with their lands.

Result: Continuous efforts by Naidu and his team helped greatly. 90% of farmers in the area willingly parted with their lands. This was not just achieved in record time but also happened when the whole country was debating the land acquisition bill and other states were finding it impossible ti get even 3 acres from farmers.

Sceptics: There are bound to be court cases on these lands and environmental clearances will never come.

Result: HA…ha.. All youscpetics, kindly take back your words.

Scpetics: Where is the money to construct this monster of a capital ? It is all very fine to show good pictures and brochures. This will never happen.

Result: In projects like these, land is the key. Once that is in your hand, you can sort out lot of other issues as is being done now. People are now slowly reconciling to the fact that this indeed can be done.

Sceptics: Singapore and other foreign countries (and their companies )are going to be the biggest beneficiaries. They will usurp this prized land. Andhra has no money and hence Babu will accept all their conditions.

Result: AP has not accepted most of their conditions and the now the stage is set, by April, to choose the master developer on the state’s conditions and start the work.

Scpetics: Naidu is only doing a drama with all these capital plans and prolonging them. He will never move out of Hyderabad as he does not want to lose his hold on Telangana.

Result: Naidu has moved lock, stock and barrel to Vijayawada 6 months back.

Scpetics: ( now defensively) What is the use if he alone moves ?? The secretariat is still in Hyderabad. This is another drama by Naidu.

Result: Temporary secretariat construction has begun and will complete by June 2016 so that the government staff can begin to work from Amaravati.

Scpetics ( now almost gasping for breath as they have been repeatedly proved wrong time and again): Has any building been constructed in the world in 4 months??  Whom is he trying to fool ??

Result: We will know by June. I, Vishnu Shankar, am quite confident that if not in 4 months, it may take just another 1-2 months but definitely not beyond that

My humble submission to my fellow Andhrites. Stop this ever-sceptic act that you guys have been enacting and judge a CM for what he delivers. Not just for how well they can show you a moon. 

There is no dearth of brilliant speakers like a KCR or a Narendra Modi in our country. But sure, there is a big shortage of performers. Applaud one who really performs.