nava-manmadhu-movie-review andhra nationSamantha Tamma:

I have seen the crime comedy – Bhale Manchi Roju and thought it was a new genre our Telugu people are exploring more like Run Raja Run. I have seen Nenu – Sailaja too. Its very well made decent love story that makes you smile in moments. Loafer is the standard Puri – mass flick and am not daring to see – Abbayitho Ammayi, though the Maestro’s Kanulu Kalanu Pilichey song stole my heart.

The intense Baaji Rao and epic fiction Star Wars also could not deter my love and appreciation for the Tamil remake – Nava Manmadhudu.

Yes, it is the review of Thanga Magan that I chose for the New Year.

The VIP team was back with another soothing film. The trailer established the larger theme of the film. But what made me like it the most – is the utter simplicity and the honesty with which the movie was made. No wonder there is demand in the people for more screens and more shows. The movie captures the story of a simple middle class family and how the protagonist deals with some of the issues the family has to suddenly face. Not to say it does not have its dose of hero fights, or little cinematic liberties – but by and large the movie sticks to realism. No larger than life – sets, decorations and grand dreams. 

The simplicity and the respect with which the female lead – Samantha is portrayed makes you remember the house wife next door. The cotton sarees, the no make up look and demeanour are worth a mention. Radhika shines in the role of a mother – very, very easy for her given the serials she plays on small screen. Amy does a decent job – though she could have emoted better. But it is Dhanush all the way that steals your heart. His transformation from a coming of age teenager with friends, to a romantic husband and then to the Golden Son “thangamagan” was captured with such ease, that you just can’t trace – where one shade ends and where the other begins. Anirudh’s music is really good and is already topping the ITunes music chart for India across languages. The background score too is good. 

I would overall say it is a good watch for those people who are a little away from Macho heroes who can fight or who are extremely rich, very glamorous heroines with nerve wrecking item songs or mindless comedy. The movie does not glare you!

2015 was golden for Telugu film industry – we saw the really big and very high budget movies like Baahu Bali, Srimanthudu, Rudrama Devi , s/o satyamurthy fare for graphics, grandeur and scale. We saw how the template films like Bengal Tiger, Brucelee, Lion , Kick 2 , Akhil failed – failed miserably. But for me the success of the industry is neither in the artificial grandness nor the miserable failure. It is Kumari 21f, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, Kanche, Yevade Subramanyam and the above mentioned remake Nava Manmadhudu that make 2015 special. Definitely the tastes of Telugu people and the boldness of our production houses are changing. But still what keeps me thinking is – where did those simple family based stories played by ANR, NTR, Jandhyala vanish?