26th December 2015 : Detailed master plan for capital city Amaravati released. Click here for the report

Click HERE for a full zoomble pdf copy of the Amaravati Capital City Development plan

Amaravati – 210 kms Outer Ring road -Click HERE for the full list of Villages for the Outer Ring road

Full list of Villages and Mandals that come under CRDA, Amaravati — Click HERE.

Singapore prepares a fantabulous master plan for AP Capital Amaravati and hands over on 20th July’ 2015. But can it develop as expected ??

Read Andhra Nation’s full report HERE.


Singapore prepares a fantabulous master plan for AP Capital Amaravati and hands over on 20th July’ 2015. But can it develop as expected.

Read Andhra Nation’s full report HERE.


READ HERE – Singapore’s master plan of Amaravati core capital area as on 25th May 2015!!


With the official declaration of the final area of the new Andhra Pradesh Capital, the final map is given here for the readers of Andhra Nation.

Capital Region Area

The capital city will come up between Prakasam barrage (north east), Borupalem (north west), Ananthavaram (south west) and Y-Junction near Mangalagiri (south east). For the entire list of all villages and mandals coming under the Capital area and also the capital region notified through AP govt order no 253 and 254, click HERE for details.

Outer Ring Road and the Road network around the Capital

The AP government has prepared a draft map for the outer ring road (ORR) in the capital region covering Vijayawada, Tenali and Guntur. Officials have proposed two road bridges across the river Krishna, which will come up in the upstream and downstream of Prakasam barrage respectively, in Vijayawada.

According to the proposed alignment map, the bridge in the upstream of Prakasam barrage will connect Guntur and Krishna districts between Amaravati and Mogulluru. The bridge in the downstream will cross river Krishna near Bhatlapenumarru in Krishna district and again join at Jampani in Guntur district.

Sources said the 180-km-long ORR will take off from NH-5 near Hanuman Junction and go through Ramapuram, Tummalapalli, Nandivada, Gudivada, Pamarru and Bhatlapenumarru before crossing the river. The ORR will then pass through Jampani, Chinaravuru (outskirts of Tenali), Veliveru and Vejendla before entering Guntur city. From Guntur city, it will pass through Perecherla, Siripuram, Lingamguntla, Pedakurapadu, Tammavaram and reach Amaravati where it will cross the Krishna to land on the other end in Krishna district at Mogullur.

From Mogullur, it will pass through Kanchikacherla, Alluru, outskirts of Mylavaram, outskirts of Nuzvid and Meerjapuram before touching Hanuman Junction.

This is how you can read the map. (Zoom the image by clicking on it)

  • The Yellow border around Borupalem, Anantavaram, Mangalagiri Y Junction and Prakasam Barrage will be the New capital area
  • The outer most 172 km BLUE CIRCLE will be the ring road around the whole area of the Andhra Capital Region (ACR).
  • The 192 km RED circle will be officially declared as the Andhra Capital Region.
  • The 86 km GREEN circle is the the two by pass roads which will bypass Vijayawada but can give access to other parts of ACR.
  • The ORANGE lines are the present National Highways.

New Andhra Capital full plan with outer ring road