Japan’s Abe and Modi sign the Andhra -Toyoma co-operation agreement

andhra toyoma perfecture

Toyoma delegation during their “Sri City” Visit

Japan’s premier Shinzo Abe and PM Modi have signed 16 bilateral agreements today during the former’s ongoing visit to India. The pact on cooperation between state government of Andhra Pradesh and Toyama Prefecture also is one of them. This memorandum strengthens existing bonds between Andhra Pradesh and Toyama by facilitating mutual collaboration between their governments, institutions, and companies.

It may be recalled a three-member delegation from Andhra Pradesh, held discussions with the Toyama Prefectural Government in October this year on the proposed ‘Sister State’ MoU proposed to be signed between the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Toyama Prefecture. The AP delegation comprised of K. Rama Mohan Rao (Special Representative of the State government in Delhi), P.V. Ramesh (Principal Finance Secretary) and Shamsher Singh Rawat (Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department).Subsequently a five member team of senior government officials from the Toyama , headed by Urushibata, Director General, Tourism & Regional Promotion Bureau, visited Sri City in November 2015.

The pact signed between the two countries will facilitate exchange of technology, technical assistance from Toyoma, known for its ports, and pharma industries.



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