Andhra’s energy saving LED initiative gets Paris meet’s special mention

Andhra is high on LED implementation

Andhra is making good progress on the LED front

The Climate summit in Paris has taken special note of the steps taken by the AP government towards  achieving energy-efficiency. Secretary to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ajay Mathur, called up AP officials to say that the  distribution of over 1 crore LED bulbs in the domestic sector and 2.50 lakh energy efficient streetlights in AP has been appreciated at the summit.

The summit saw these as measures that would support the ongoing global efforts to reduce emission of greenhouse gases. Mr Mathur is the official spokesperson for India at the Paris summit. It is also revealed that, based on the AP government model, the central government would set up targets for each state for distribution of LED bulbs and promotion of energy-efficient activities.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, a policy-making body, would showcase the success story of AP in energy efficiency to other  states, so as to realise the targeted goal of saving 19,000 MW power in the country by 2019.

LED bulbs consume less energy and save up to 30 per cent energy compared to non-LED bulbs used at homes. AP state energy conservation mission chief executive officer Chandra Sekhara Reddy said Mr Mathur called AP energy secretary Ajay Jain over phone and congratulated the people and Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for taking up energy, water and environment protection programmes.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


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