Raju Gaari Gadi — There is money to be made by scaring people !!

Raju gaari gadhi hit or flopSamantha Tamma:

Let me begin this review by quoting some statistics from Wikipedia.

  • In 2011 Kaanchana was produced withcrores, to make 68.7 crores
  • In 2013 Prema Katha Chitram was made with 5 crores to earn back 29 crores
  • In 2014 Karthikeya was made with 6 crores to get back 20 crores
  • Geethanjali which was brought out in the same year – was brought out with 4 crores to earn a 28+
  • In 2015 Ganga/Kaanchana (2) made a whopping 113 crores with a 17 crores budget.
  • I have seen no other Genre making such a good profitable trend in the box office.

By now am sure – you know the trend am talking about and the review that am writing – the most recent offering in the (Horror-Comedy) genre movies – “Raju Gari Gadi”. Our anchor turned game-show producer Omkar has no dearth of entrepreneurial zeal. His first movie production “Genius” was a flop and so for his next movie – he picked up the right strings. The result is another small budget Horror- Comedy – that is pulling people to the screens in a big way. Though I do not know the exact economics – people say it is a run away success already.

 The movie is all about 7 youngsters who dare to participate in a reality show that is organized in a haunted place, which is responsible for some 30 deaths in the near past. The story is gripping in parts – while the comedy elements are well taken care of. The director takes too many liberties and leaves many questions un-answered in the revelation episode, right from flying men to sudden appearance of objects or the sheer ignorance of one team when the other team is doing its pre work preparations, etc. The performances of all artistes are good. The comedy timing of Shakalaka Shankar is worth applause. Rajeev Kanakala does his normal serious role.

Overall –I would say it is a good attempt by budding artists who do not belong to the Mega/Super/Great families. The movie is any day better than the routine –hero worshipping standard templates of Telugu Cinema. Those who want to check it out in the weekend can go or I am sure it will make a decent, laughable time-pass watch @ our homes in the TV – when it is premièred. The league I mentioned above will already tell you – whether you enjoy these kind of movies or not!

 Hope this Genre will keep bringing more creativity and passion to Telugu Audience!


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