State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority imposes 90 conditions for CRDA, Amaravati !!

Save Amaravati Environment !!

Save Amaravati Environment !!

The Environmental Clearance (EC) that was recently accorded for Amaravati’s Area Development Plan has more than 90 conditions to be fulfilled as laid down by the State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA).

A team of 14 professors with expertise in various fields from different universities of AP came up with the conditions. A major focus of many of the EC conditions is on preventing water pollution in every possible manner in the Krishna River, as it will be the only drinking water source for Amaravati.

  • One condition is that the entire treated sewage water should be collected at a single point for reuse and that no drop should be let into the river. In Hyderabad, treated water is let into the Musi River.
  •  Another condition lays stress on construction of channels at places in Krishna district where the topography is sloping towards the Krishna river in such a manner that treated or storm water is routed to the river’s downstream.
  • As a flood control measure, a condition mandates that parallel channels should be developed along the Kondaveeti Vagu stream. Every year the stream receives a lot of water during monsoon, which results in flooding of nearby areas. Having a parallel channel along the stream can prevent inundation.
  • Another condition in the EC for the 217-sq. km capital region mandates that all buildings should use fly ash bricks for construction. These bricks are made from fly ash, which is emitted by thermal power plants and is a serious environmental concern. Reusing them for making bricks will solve their disposal issues along with resulting in reduced power usage as fly ash bricks are known for maintaining cool temperatures even during summers.
  • The EC also mandates that no industry falling in the red or orange category will be allowed to be set up in the capital region.
  • It also mandates that all buildings should have one third of their roof covered with solar panels.
  • For maintaining biodiversity, planting of exotic plant species will not be allowed in capital other than at places like an arboretum.
On the other side, deforestation in 20K hectares for Amaravati construction
A debate is raging on AP’s green capital plan, wherein 20,000 hectares of reserve forest area will be facing deforestation for the setting up of capital and facilitating construction works. The state government has identified the forest lands of around a 25-km radius, including Vijayawada and Amaravati capital city location, and the state has almost got the nod from the central government for its de-notification. As per plans, the government would establish several government institutions, industries, and tourism projects in these lands.
The state government has conducted a survey of the 25-km radius area around Vijayawada city. Nearly one lakh acres of forest land will be available at Kondapalli, Ibrahimpatnam, Mylavaram, A Konduru, G Ko-nduru, Kotturu Tadepalli, Jagaiahpet, Agiripalli and Nuzvid. Similarly, sizeable segments of forest lands are available at Mangalagiri, Tadepalli, Mothadka, Achampet etc. The government has proposed to de-notify forest lands in the 25-km radius around the city. As per surveys, there are nearly one crore trees and plants in the total area.
Plants would be removed for setting up various government establishments and new administrative and other units. Already, several private organisations are eagerly awaiting possibilities to obtain land for setting up their establishments. Experts wish to ask the state government as to how a green capital would be possible if trees and plants over 20,000 hectares of forest lands are removed.

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