When the good cinema comes along, don’t shun it !!

Samantha Tamma:

I am fed up of seeing good Telugu movies getting just awards and not money. When we as discerning audience crib and criticize lack of good quality output from Tollywood, is it not our responsibility, by default, to watch good movies when they hit the theaters?? That is why if you are waiting for some meaningful cinema – please don’t miss this movie, no matter what the critics say.  

Ever since I have seen the teaser, I was waiting for this movie. The name Seeta itself is enough to charm me. Kanche is not a routine masala film. It belongs to the genre of Krish. If you are someone who would like the ubiquitous Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala and Tandoori – I don’t know if the home made style pindi vantalu of Andhra will suit you. The difference between a film like Bruce-lee and Kanche  is so stark. The pathos of the situation is – even a website like idle brain gave a 3.25 for Bruce Lee and a 3 for Kanche.

I guess Krish can never get out of his Edutainment framework. There is always a dose of ideology in his movies. In this offing – he takes a broken love story in the middle of a village caste boundary and to get rid of those castiest fences- the protagonists have to travel all the way to a World War II trans boundary war zone, the setting being all fertile for a holocaust.

In his first movie – Gamyam – Krish does break boundaries. The friendship between Gaali Seenu and Abhiram crosses all boundaries. The protagonist in that movie – tells “Meeku telidu –  vaadu manishe ani”. Kanche has no dearth for some of these heart felt one liners. It makes you feel as though you are gone back to the era of magazines and novels and are reading some of those literary pieces when you listen to the dialogues. Sai Madhav didi a great job! All of them are not heavy – the subtlety in Avasarala’s humorous narrative is a standing example for his craftsman ship in writing dialogues.

Varun Tej, Pragnya, Gollapudi and Shaavukar are apt in their roles. The camera work and background score are exemplary.  Whether you watch the movie for Sirivennela, Krish or Sai Madhav –  it is Kanche  that wins.