What does national media say on Amaravati and its prospects ??

Wide national media coverage for the Andhra Capital Amaravati

Wide media coverage for the Andhra Capital Amaravati

Amaravati’s foundation laying ceremony was widely covered in the national media, both print and electronic. Business papers too have written exclusive articles on this futuristic city in the making broadly analysing its plans for development.

Here are a few links to the important media coverage.

Economic Times: Amaravati, the capital of the truncated Andhra Pradesh, is planned to be developed as a “futuristic” world-class city with expertise from Japan and Singapore, and the cost of building it could be in excess of $2 billion, say officials. Read further HERE. 

Financial Express : Titled ” Andhra Pradesh’ new capital Amaravati: How the 10 lakh acre land pool problem was cracked”, the report concentrated on the land pooling process giving details of “Here is all you need to know about how the land pooling process, the most crucial part of the project as it impinges directly on people/farmers involved, was cracked”. Read the article HERE.

Livemint: Called it a ” Futuristic city for a urban future”. It says cities like Amaravati will be the future of India as rural India is in decline. It also says that one of the most interesting data points from the 2011 census is that the urban population grew more than the rural population for the first time since the numbers began to be totted up. Read more HERE.

NDTV: It carried a special program named ” Is Amaravati India’s Singapore in the making? You can watch the video here.

Amaravati was covered largely by every national media house and that ups the stakes for this future city. Wishing Andhrites best of luck with their capital.


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