Only Delhi matti and Yamuna neellu from PM Modi to Andhra – no status, no package !!

Only Delhi matti for Andhra from Modi !!

Only Delhi matti for Andhra from Modi !!

Many expected PM Modi to announce some Dasara gift to Andhra on his maiden visit to the proposed capital area. But Modi was unmoved. He did not even give any Dasara Mamoolu. All that he gave was Delhi Matti and River Yamuna’s neeru.

Modi did not go beyond showering encomiums on chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and the people of Andhra Pradesh for their capacity to build world-class capital. He only offered sentimental solace to the chief minister Naidu, who definitely expected some surprise gift from Modi, by presenting Delhi’s “Putta Mannu and Yamuna neeru” to his ” Mana Matti and Mana Amaravati”. There has been an expectation among the people of the state of an announcement of special package today ever since the PM announced Rs 2.25 crore package for Bihar three months back.

In his 25-minute long speech at the public meeting organized at Amaravati after the foundation laying ceremony, PM Modi did not offer anything concrete to the state of Andhra Pradesh, leave alone special category status. There was no reference even to special package, which chief minister Naidu, central minister Sujana Chowdary often talked about.

The Prime Minister reassured the people of Andhra Pradesh, with the oft-repeated refrain that , ” The centre is committed to honor in letter and spirit,whatever incorporated in Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014.” He repeatedly said he would ensure that all the assurances mentioned in the Act would be fulfilled. He also talked of the power of “Modi- Naidu” winning combination to tickle Naidu into complacency. “The center will stand by the state of Andhra Pradesh. Naidu and I work in tandem,” he assured.


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