Nine parts to the big dream called Amaravati — 9 concept cities within it !!

amaravati street viewThe upcoming capital of Andhra Pradesh will have `Navaratnas’ or nine concept cities within it.The Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) has proposed to develop these nine concept cities to cater to the different needs of people.

According to a report prepared by the CRDA, Amaravati will comprise a `financial’ city , a `government’ city ,a `knowledge’ city , an `education’ city,a `health’ city , a `tourism’ city, a `sports’ city, an `electronics’ city and a `justice’ city.

The `financial’ city will be home to public and private sector banks, besides international banks and investment banks, insurance organisations, mutual fund management firms, auditing firms, credit rating firms and financial consultants as anchor entities. The subsidiary entities include financial trading institutes, information technology and ITES support services, recreational centres, commercial office space, trade and shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

On the other hand, the `government city will be an ensemble of the Raj Bhavan, state Assembly , comissionerates, quasi-government organisations, PSUs of Central government and state governments, Central and state government offices and the state secretariat as anchor entities.Government quarters, government guesthouses, recreation facilities, health support systems, restaurants, parks and leisure and trade and commerce will form the subsidiary entities.

Though these concept cities have trade and commerce, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, recreational centres and housing as common features among subsidiary entities, the staff quarters in the government city will serve as the support system for hospitals. However, for best healthcare, one can always look to the `health’ city close by.

Referring to the `knowledge’ city , the CRDA document points out that the ecosystem of this city has research and development, IT and ITES, aerospace research, biotech research, medical research and technology incubators among anchor entities. “The subsidiary entities include retail banking, recreational centres, trade and commerce, hospitals, housing and hotels and restaurants,“ it says.

The proposed `education’ city will consist of national and international universities, professional colleges, international schools, technology training institutes, business schools and basic research and development institutes. Student hostels, sports play grounds, recreational centres, commercial office space, trade and commerce, hospitals, hotels and restaurants and housing form part of subsidiary entities. The state government will ear mark exclusive space in the health city for multi-speciality government and private hospitals, alternative systems of medicine, medical institutes, and international hospitals. The subsidiary entities include nursing colleges, diagnostic centres, translational research, trade and commerce, hotels and restaurants and housing.

The proposed iconic towers will form part of the `tourism’ city . There will be bridges, museums, river-front tourism, religious tourism, heritage tourism and water sports.

A sports university , athletics stadiums, sports academies, aquatic stadiums, multi-purpose stadiums, indoor sports stadiums, international cricket stadium, and golf course will dot the `sports’ city. The subsidiaries include sports clinics, sports clubs, insurance organisations, fitness centres, trade and commerce, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, and housing, besides coaching facilities.

The `electronic’ city will be devoted to cellular phones, audio and video appliances, component suppliers, ancillary companies, solar energy equipment, semi-conductors and sensors and home appliances. There will also be training institutes, IT and ITES support services and recreational centres.

The CRDA has also come up with a unique concept called the `justice’ city. “The ecosystem of the `justice’ city consists of a high court, tribunals, a law university , law firms, and lok ayukta,“ the report states.

Source: Times Of India

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