Amaravati road and water grid network plan is unveiled. And it looks wow !!

Amaravati road grid simplified (Click to Zoom)

New capital Amaravati is going to be a grid-based city. The road network has been designed in such a way that unlike the conventional grid designs, Amaravati will have road and water grids.This is very similar to major world cities like Sanfrancisco. The Singapore agency has submitted a detailed road grid plan for the core city, while the water grid design is yet to be prepared.

The 304-km long road grid in the core city would facilitate convenient travel along the banks of River Krishna, Pallevagu and Kondaveeti rivulets. The grids would be developed in the 1:1 km ratio, providing intersections on the main road for every kilometre and at few places it would have intersections in 1: 2 kms ratio, said Municipal Administration Minister P. Narayana here on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the government is planning to conduct an open competition for designing the logo of Amaravati. The logo should depict the culture, history and heritage of Amaravati and CRDA is likely to issue a detailed notification shortly about the competition.

Amaravati road grid


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