Tirupati’s hospitality / hotel sector begins to look up !! Adds some fresh luxury names !!

Marasa Sarovar Tirupati Hotel

Marasa Sarovar Hotel at Tirupati

There is no denying that Tirupati will see the 24*7*365 visitors irrespective of what happens to the rest of the country or the world. As the profile of the bhakths and their hotel needs go up, Tirupati market is now all set for a luxury revamp.

A new entrant into the market, Marasa Sarovar Premiere Hotel, belonging to the East Africa-based Madhvani group and Sarovar, the leading Indian hotel management chain, is inspired by the ‘Dasavatharas’ of Lord Vishnu. Themed to represent religious tourism, it is sure to attract the devout. Apart from the business centre, banquet hall, 121 rooms and suites, the hotel has health club, swimming pool and ‘Buddha’ spa specialising in relaxation and rejuvenation treatment, meant for those wishing to be swathed in comfort. “People prefer spending valuable leisure time. We offer exhilarating comfort at almost a third of the tariff charged in say, Hyderabad or Bengaluru,” says Yogesh Prajapati, Director-Finance of Marasa Hospitality Private Limited.

On the other end of the spectrum are properties for the no-nonsense visitor. Ginger Hotels from Roots Corporation, a subsidiary of the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), recently opened its first property in the heart of Tirupati, which is its 34th in the country. Rahul Pandit, Chief Executive Officer of Roots Corporation, promises customer-friendly stay for both the business and religious sojourners.

While half a dozen new properties have arrived in the last couple of years, many more are vying for a piece of the burgeoning leisure cake.

What will also add to the allure of Tirupati as a potential market for luxury hotels is the fact that the neighbourhood of Tirupati is on an unprecedented upswing. Sri city industrial area and Krishnapatnam port are making giant strides. The flow of business class visitors to these 2 places may also see a spill over into Tirupati in future. Similarly, IIT Tirupati too will start seeing fresh visitors who will blend religion with technology when they hit this land.


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