Baahubali posterJ.Vishnu Shankar

Ever since Bahubali has been announced there have been periodical reports stating that it has been inspired from X Hollywoood movie or Y some other genre movie. These comments which started appearing initially in websites which survive on sensationalisation and gossip mongering, are now slowly finding their place even in respected newspapers. For the best part Telugu movie fans ignored this mud slinging knowing fully well Rajamouli’s sincerity in making a movie which takes Telugu cinema to another level.

But this utterly irresponsible speculation is now reaching a proportion which is irritating. Latest is an article in Times Of India, Hyderabad edition titled ” Bahubali – A copy of Hollywood films ? “. You can read the report here.

We have some serious observations on this irresponsible mud slinging.

  1. Does the Times reporter know for sure that Bahubali is a copy of any Hollywood film ? If yes, he should explicitly state it and name the Hollywood film and stand by his report till Bahubali releases.
  2. It is clear from the report that he is not so sure. Look at the title of his report –  Bahubali – A copy of Hollywood films ?. There is a question mark at the end of the title which means he is only speculating.
  3. The reasons for the speculation are also there in the report. He takes two posters of Bahubali and finds similar posters from some unknown Hollywood films.
  4. Does he mean to say that the 2 Hollywood films, ” Simon Birch ” and ” The Book of Esther” are such great, history creating films that Rajamouli got inspired by them. Grow up man !!
  5. In fact if you see the IMDB ratings of these so called Hollywood films, you will know that there is nothing to be inspired from them even for C-grade directors, leave alone Rajamouli.

rajamouliNow the question comes as to how to irresponsible, gossip mongering reporters come to these conclusions. Here is the answer.

  1. Take any picture, a poster of any film, and give a google image search.
  2. You are bound to get many visually similar images from across the globe, and if you are lucky one of them could be very similar to what you have on hand.bearded foreigner
  3. Match one of those images to some Hollywood film from which they are drawn.
  4. And then write a report saying that this is the Hollywood film from which our director has been inspired.

For example, you take a Rajamouli photo  and find visually similar images. See the two images here. The foreigner whose image is given here is no great icon, he is just a random guy with a beard. Now will someone tell me that Rajamouli has grown his beard after being inspired by this random charecter ??

What I want to say to the reporters is simple. In an attempt to showcase your knowledge on Hollywood, do not unnecessarily demean Bahubali. Let the film release. If there is a genuine case of lifting of scenes from any hollywood films, please report it. But till then please reserve your judgement.