Hey Telugus !! Go back to your roots !!
Hey Telugus !! Go back to your roots !!

For many centuries, Telugu language was a de facto language in which Sanskrit texts were read all over south India. People who could not read Sanskrit texts in the Devanagari script used to read them in Telugu script. This was more pronounced in areas which now come under Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. For example, ex President Rajaji ( who was born in Hosur, now part of Tamil Nadu) born in a Tamil Brahmin family, studied all ancient Hindu texts in only Telugu as his father, a noted lawyer in Hosur those days, insisted on reading them only in Telugu.

Similarly, T.Krishnamacharya (1888 -1989) who was based in Mysore and is widely regarded as the father figure for all the subsequent yoga gurus like Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar taught Patanjali yoga scriptures in Telugu alone. We covered this in our earlier post on this blog, titled ” The times when the foremost Yoga Guru taught in Telugu”. You can read that HERE.

Why then are Telugu’s so cold to Yoga ?? Read HERE today’s Times of India report on how cold Vijayawada is to Yoga.  Why are we losing our connect to the roots ?? Why do we run behind everything American / British and Foreign and do not bother to connect with what is ours by heritage, culture and history ?? Why are we waiting for World Health Organisation to put its stamp of approval on Yoga ( which incidentally is coming shortly) so that we too can “recognise it” ?? Wake up Telugus !! Wake up !!

A big chunk of what is south Indian culture, be it Carnatic music, traditional dance forms, food habits etc truly belong to us Telugus. But unfortunately, other south Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have done a much better job of integrating them into their daily lives while we are as lost as nomads in a jungle.