5 star hotels in vijayawadaWith five major hotel chains keen to set up shop in Vijayawada city , the race for the five-star hotels is just hotting up. For a city that is growing rapidly , existence of a five-star hotel in its backyard will be a big booster dose. There are 11 three-star hotels in the city , which have a combined room strength of 900. The price range in these hotels for a room is from Rs 1,900 to Rs 5,000. Hotels like The Gateway , Fortune Murali Park and Marg Krishnaaya are already in the high-end bracket, while the other hotels are a tad under the three-star tag.

The likes of Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, Sarovar and Keyes hotel group are also planning to set up glitzy five-start hotels in the city . While Sarovar, Sheraton and Keyes are scouting for an ideal location, Marriot has zeroed in on the site and start construction shortly . Hyatt group is also keen to establish its facility in the city. Reportedly, Hyderabad-based Green Park Hotels has associated with Keyes Hotel in the city and is keen on opening a three-star hotel.

Leading the race is Novotel which has tied up with the Varun group. According to a spokesperson of Varun group, the star hotel will come up at Bharati Nagar opposite Loyola College. “We have earmarked a budget of Rs 100 crore for the fivestar hotel that would come up in association with Novotel. Construction of the mega hotel will be completed in three years,“ the spokesperson added. locations. It was Novotel which developed Novotel Varun Beach, the first five-star hotel, in the port city of Visakhapatnam.

Will the five-star hotels mean more business considering the fact that the occupancy ratio of the hotels in the city has hardly touched 70 per cent? “The hotels in the city are adequate enough to cater to the present needs. There was good business initially when VGTM (Vijayawada-Guntur-TenaliMangalagiri) was announced as a capital region. However, for the last three months, there wasn’t much activity ,“ Ilapuram Raja, president of the Hotel Owners’ Association says.

“Seven top groups have expressed a desire to open five-star hotels. Unless the blueprint of the new capital is released by the CRDA, the works will not gather pace,“ he added. Though hoteliers welcome the entry of top groups into the city , they want more industries in the region to increase customer traffic.