We don’t need to use phrases like the “new AP capital” etc anymore. The name Amaravati is now official and the plans for Amaravati are growing and growing big. Welcome though, as it is a rare opportunity to build a world class city adequately and truly reflecting the self respect, pride and dignity of every Andhrite. Here are some of the plans as reported in the media.

amaravati andhra capital on banks of krishna

  1. Amaravati will now spread to the other side of river Krishna to areas in Krishna district like Kanchikacherla, Nandigama etc though the names of villages to be included is yet to be made official.
  2. The state government wants at least 10,000 acres on the north side of the Krishna river. So far, the state has pooled 33,000 acres from 29 villages to the south of the river. The government wants the extra land for tourism development.
  3. Amaravati will have a huge lake in its city centre which will be approximately thrice the size of Hussain Sagar.
  4. According to the master plan being prepared by the Singapore team, the AP capital Amaravati will have a “China Town”. The “China town”, akin to those in Singapore and other countries, will include Chinese institutions, restaurants and shopping centres.
  5. A China industrial township is also on the anvil. The location is not yet finalised. But there is a solid proposal to work on, as per Mr Parakala Prabhakar. He added that majority of the lands on the banks that stretch to around 10 lakh acres, is government owned.
  6. The AP government has decided to float the Capital City Development and Management Company which will promote the public private partnership concept and enter into agreements with private companies to build the capital and develop infrastructure.
  7. The Cabinet has decided to adopt Swiss Challenge for execution of Amaravati projects. Under this method, the best agency having experience in building capital cities will be hired to prepare a project report with world class facilities.This report would form the basis for inviting, or challenging, private or government companies to come up with a better plan at even lesser cost.

With all the above, the scope of this brand new city only becomes bigger. Watch this space for more exciting news !!