andhra beach side coastal highwayTo realise the tourism potential of the coastline, the government of Andhra Pradesh has identified the beach corridor project as a strategic endeavour. It will have a beach road which will be around 1,000 km abutting the shore, along the coast, across the 9 coastal districts. The process for the beach corridor project from Ichchapuram to Tada has begun in Andhra Pradesh. The state government has issued notification for technical feasibility study for the project in four packages, Ichchapuram-Visakhapatna, Visakhapatnam -Narsapur, Narsapur-Ongole and Ongole-Tada.

As per the notification, the main road shall have an alignment abutting the shore beyond 200 mts from the high tide line (HTL) and on the seaward side, there will be horticulture gardens, pastures, parks and play fields. On the landward side, 500 mt from the HTL, there will be amusement parks, hotels, beach resorts for tempo-rary occupation of tourists. . All this is subjected to the rules of Coastal Regulation Zone. The Beach Corridor’s road alignment shall integrate all those stretches which are already abutting the shore. The corridor shall provide avenues for a wide variety of tourist attractions, logistics hubs, industrial development, manufacturing and services.

The consultant shall assess the technical features of the project and will assist in devising a suitable funding model in PPP. They have to conduct traffic survey, engineering survey, inspection of bridges, pavement investi-gation, preliminary social and environmental screening to complete the project.