Review of OK..Bangaaram !! Mani shows that he is still a Ratnam !!

It is quite surprising that Mrs. Suhasini Mani Ratnam gave a statement that only qualified people should review OK Kanmani. Paying respect to the yester year’s actress – let us call this blog page – an opinion or word of mouth or thoughts after watching the movie. But what is “qualification” in our film industry. Did our stalwarts come from Art College’s academic rigoror any Schools to boast of – and for that matter how did the management grad from Jamnalal Bajaj end up in movie making?  However having faced that kind of conditionality – let me begin with what idlebrain – Jeevi says about the movie. As part of the final analysis he says “Likability of these kind of movies largely depend on connectivity. If you don’t connect, OK Bangaram will be a slow film with no highs! If you are a fan of Mani Rathnam and like these kind of concepts, you will have a beaming smile.”Now getting back to my take – am a hopeless fan of Mani Ratnam and I enjoyed every part of the movie.

I was not born when Pallavi  -Anupallavi hit screens or I was just born when MounaRaagam was made. Yet I took all the pains to get the CDs and enjoy the creation. Irrespective of the box office verdict – I viewed Ravan and Kadali too. I am so used to the signature of Mani Ratnam that I keep searching for the ethnic colors that he uses in the film. For example – I have taken some of the prominent mustards/ yellow thathe used. The greens and red are no less.Am yet to see a director, so consistently deal with the modern Indian women psyche with the respect and sensitivity they demand.  They walk the thin line between absolute freedom and self-restrained morals, between love and independence, between tenderness and the boldness/ strength of truth.

Getting back to OK Bangaram – NithyaMenon and DulquerSalmaan did a fantastic job. Their love for love has crossed the boundaries of pain. This young couple decides only to enjoy and it was really nice to see such unbridled passion onscreen. No pain, no philosophical preaching’s, no unnecessary dances – Just love. The movie does remind us of Sakhi in some scenes – but the whirl – around and train scenes make it enjoyable. It is Prakash Raj – Leela Samson track that adds the depth. It somehow seemed as if inspired by movie Notebook – but authentic enough. The interiors in the house, the dialogues and background music make you leaving from more. Nothing more is to be said about the master PC Sreeram. I felt like I was seeing the Ahmedabad well live for the second time.

I enjoyed Rehman’s music after a gap. While am still digesting the disappointment from AI and Lingaa – this was refreshing. The chart buster Mona – Mona was inspired from Latin America and it was Arnold Schwarzenegger who graced Ai Audio Launch! Not that I don’t like the foreign connect – but the Carnatic inspired music in this movie makes it feel as though – Rahman is back!

So having said this entire thing positive about the movie – if you still want to check for yourself – see the poster in which Nitya and Samlaan and riding the bike. If you like the wild, the bold and the crazy side of today’s young generation love – don’t miss it. The society over the past two decades has matured enough to encompass the forethought and forward thinking of the makers!

Samantha Tamma

ok bangaram


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