S/O Satyamurthy Review – Keep your expectations under check !!

so satyamurthyBy Samantha Tamma

Let me be blunt in the first statement – Trivikram needs a sharpening of his knife. His every ball cannot be a sixer. But given his madness with words, he delivered it till now and raised the bar. I am a big fan of his satires and retorts, which I enjoyed even in movies like Khaleja and Jalsa that have not fared great in the box office. It is his brand name that carries me till the theatre. But once I went in there for S/o Sathyamurthy – something was missing.

The movie starts on a very good note. After questioning the Ahalya tale in Attarintiki, he chose the adigo puli fable in the movie. The protagonists’ dilemma is introduced with ample references from Ramayana.  Even the chal chale chalo song captures the mood of it. But just when we start sinking into the world of Viraj Anand, we start sharing his empathies, insults and trials –his world changes.  The simple – un-canny Rama of the first half transforms into a last minute marriage breaking Krishna with ample characters playing midway as though it is a Sreenu Vaitla movie.  If it was just a tone low of comedy, timing, punch power and retorts – I would have still accepted a meaningful, sentimental movie from a deep and practical Trivikram. What almost shocked was this character inconsistency of the protagonist.

For those who are very familiar with Bollywood- the intro might just get a hang of Jab We Met –intro settings. But that is just the beginning. Our hero here does not take care of Business, he doesn’t even arrange for an employee meeting – being the owner –  but goes on as a  marriage maker to run the house and still his share value zooms up. (Tollywood Liberties!) The subplot of Rajendra Prasad and his wife could have been given more attention. Devi Sri music too is banal.

Stalwarts of the industry, Prakash Raj, Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Upendra along with the hero – with beauty queens like Samantha, Nithya Menon, Adah Sharma and Sneha remind me of the saying – too many cooks spoil the broth. Did not Trivikram create magic in Manmadhudu with just two principal characters and one important add on? May be he was more earnest in being a Julayi than being a s/o satyamuthy.

Trivikram also seems to be stuck up with the partial flashback disclosure -formula that went very well in Attarintiki, but it could not re create the magic this time.

However – given all these thoughts –Trivikram fails by his own standards and the movie is still worth a one-time watch compared to other Telugu movies that we happen to see today. The viewers can take the choice!


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