Hey Telugu cinema, how long will you take to wake up and become sensible ??

please save tollywoodAnother day. Another mega release. Another day of huge expectations and of course, as we are used to the next step – another case of huge disappointment.

Telugu cinema, ironically, has everything going for it. It has the support of super crazy fans. It has the market, both in India and overseas. It has good technicians. It also has good actors. But it suffers where it matters the most. Its heroes do not want to even remotely do good cinema and its top directors ( save one or two at best) are never tired of repeating themselves.

Allu Arjun and Trivikram Srinivas are supposed to on the top of their respective careers. But as per latest reviews, they both have been reported to have delivered a complete dud with their latest film S/O Satyamurthy.

This is not a review of the film but a review of Tollywood’s brainless offerings. Look at some of the cliches that Telugu cinema repeatedly assaulted us with.

  • A Rayalaseema villain –  If a non-Telugu starts seeing Telugu cinema, he is bound to feel that Rayalaseema is full of blood thirsty monsters. Ever since Samarasimha Reddy released on the fateful Sankranthi in 1999, Telugu cinegoers have been served relentless helpings of Rayalaseema villains. Today’s S/O Satyamurthy is no exception. How long can we see the same stuff ?
  • Predictable stories of hero trying to sort out family problems, and sometimes trying to unite families.
  • Comedy actors like Brahmanandam, Ali and of course now – no-more, MS Narayana etc taking over completely from the lead actors, mostly in the second half and derailing the main story.
  • Even popular directors like Trivikram and Srinu Vaitla ( and many more) have done the above in the past. It has now come to such a stage that discerning audience lose hope on the film once Brahmanandam enters the scenes. What a disservice to the the greatest comedy actor of all times !!

My only request to the so-called top heroes and directors of Tollywood. Spare us from this agony. Kindly make more sensible and better films. Do not think that we are dogs willing to bite any bone that you may wish to throw at us.

J.Vishnu Shankar


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