yevade-subramanyamBefore venturing out for a 3 hour sojourn, we all read film reviews to understand what the movie might be all about and how well it might have been made . But unfortunately the feeling one gets is that most Telugu websites just do not know how to review a movie. I have read some very good reviews about some films and was utterly disappointed when I watched them myself. One latest example is Attarintiki daaredi ?. Telugu film reviewers gave a uniform thumbs up for the movie, it even shattered all records but for me personally, its first half was just OK and its second half was absolutely unwatchable. So over a period, I understood how to understand which review, and the method in the madness of believing some and not believing some.

I have not seen yesterday’s release Yevade Subramanyam so far, but from different reviews, I somehow feel it is worth watching. Here is the review of reviews and like me, you can also slowly understand which review to believe and which one to trash.

  1. — 3  stars — Yes he is worth the find.
  2. — 3.25 stars — On the whole, Yevade Subramanyam is a nice movie and you may watch it! (Jeevi of Idlebrain rarely gives 4 stars and one film for which he gave 4 stars which I thought did not deserve was, Ye maya chesaave..)
  3. Times of India —3.5 stars — For once, put aside everything you expect from a Telugu film, and go on a ride which traverses the Himalayas and the deepest realms of your sub-consciousness. Yevade Subramanyam isn’t a film where you’ll laugh out loud, despite its subtle humour. It’s a memory that you must savour until the very end. Like life itself.
  4. –2.5 stars — The reviewer feels that though it is a good attempt, there are no commercial elements. So only 2.5 stars

Many other Telugu websites which routinely write reviews, have given a thumbs down for the movie. Reasons include –too slow..multiplex variety.. no brahmanandam .. no commercial elements.. photography is good but looks like a travel documentary etc. 

You can make your own judgement.

J.Vishnu Shankar