Tradition and culture be damned !! Elder abuse at shockingly high levels in Telugu states !!

elder abuse in andhraIndia’s so called upwardly mobile have an extremely ugly underbelly behind all that glittering facade of development and prosperity. Helpage India came out with a report on elder abuse in India and the report carries some very disturbing information about India in general and Hyderabad in particular.

  1. Among the Tier-1 (Metro) cities Hyderabad emerged with the highest rate of elder abuse 37.50%, followed by Kolkata 28%, Delhi 20%, Mumbai 11.43% and Chennai with the lowest with 9.64%
  2. Among all cities though, Telugu cities were thankfully spared of high rankings. Madurai 63% and Kanpur 60% recorded highest levels of elder Abuse.
  3. But don’t heave a sigh of relief hastily. There is reason for Telugus to hang their heads in shame. In elder beating and physical abuse, which obviously is the worst form of elder abuse, erstwhile Andhra Pradesh ranked second in the country next only to Rajasthan. A shocking 16.19% of elders in Rajasthan and 13.67% in Andhra Pradesh faced beating/ slapping.
  4. Andhra’s neighbour Tamil Nadu, which is very similar to Andhra in many cultural aspects, is not far behind. And there is similarity here with another “cultured state” West Bengal. In WB & Tamil Nadu (TN) Economic Exploitation as a type of abuse was high, with 18.91% and 15.23% respectively. Disrespect 11.51% & Verbal Abuse 12% was also high in TN, and in West Bengal Neglect as a type of abuse was high with 12.5%
  5. But on a national level, there is a gender aspect to the whole issue of elder abuse.  In Tier 1 (Metro) cities Daughter-in-law has been reported as the main perpetrator of abuse. While it is the Son who is the main abuser in Tier-II cities.
  6. Don’t be fooled by the charm of daughters as they too are not far behind. A disturbing fact that emerged was that 17% faced abuse at the hands of their daughter.

Read the full report of Helpage India on elder abuse HERE. 


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