Sumitomo decides to set up its 4000 MW thermal power plant at Polaki in Srikakulam district !!

Sumitomo’s 4000 MW, Rs 30,000 Cr super critical thermal power plant proposed in Andhra has found its location. After seeing 4 to 5 locations in Srikakulam district, Sumitomo seems to have zeroed in on Polaki, as per Eenadu.

This is near Narsannapeta and is in the northern part of Uttarandhra. What seems to have clinched the location is the availability of 2100 acres of government land near Polaki. Sumitomo is also planning a desalination plant to convert near by sea water to usable water fro the thermal power plant. Polaki is also close to the sea as well as to  Vamsadhara river.

Here is the location map of Polaki.

sumitomo power plant at polaki srikakulam

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