Andhra – Japan bonhomie building up !! Japan sees huge advantage for business in AP !!

Akio Isomata japan in andhraJapan finance minister Akio Isomata was gung-ho on Japan’s willingness to invest in Andhra Pradesh.  Isomata, who is leading a 50-member delegation from Japan, said about 30 companies are ready to invest in AP . He expressed satisfaction over the infrastructure and natural resources available in the state.  He felt that it was high time that industrialists from Japan invested in AP for high returns and growth prospects.“Many Japanese firms now operate from Tamil Nadu. It makes good business sense if they expand to AP ,“ he added.

“It’s Japan’s long-cherished dream to invest in Andhra Pradesh.It will come true soon. Andhra Pradesh is at a geographical advantage. The state may cater to the needs of countries in the Indian and the Pacific oceans,“ Isomata said. Earlier, AP industries commissioner Kartikeya Misra said AP is gearing up to produce 25,000 mw of power by 2019. The state has surplus production with 8,300 MW of generation. Plans are afoot to complete pending projects to achieve its target. The AP government will set up a `Japan desk’ to clear applications for industries in the state. He suggested that the petro-chemical corridor proposed between Visakhapatnam and Kakinada is the ideal location for fresh investments. “ AP is the first state to amend the Contract Labour Act to reduce legal complications,“ he added.

Krishna collector Babu Ahmed said Machilipatnam port, 70 km away from the capital, will be operational by 2017. This port is closer to Japan than Chennai port.

Meanwhile Andhra is looking at creating a huge land bank for industries

Andhra government has played its cards very well as far as land is concerned. Knowing very well that land would be an issue in future, AP deftly handled the land requirement for the capital. Not bowing to pressures about using government land for Capital, it went for land pooling and completed it successfully. Now the available government land can be used for industries. 

N Chandrababu Naidu has directed his cabinet colleagues to identify 12 lakh acres of land, about one lakh acres in each district, to build a land bank to attract new investments. At the cabinet meeting here on Wednesday , the CM said that he wants to put together one of the biggest land banks in India. The ministers agreed to take up the responsibility and requested Naidu to simplify the land allotment power given to collectors. According to the CM’s plan, each district should have about 1 lakh acres under the control of the government. The task of land acquisition is to be given to the AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC).


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