chandra bau naidu prayingThe last week of February is always an important week for the whole country. That is because the railway and General budgets are presented during this week. But this year, the person literally sitting on the seat of thorns is AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. While he has been working round the clock to get new projects and investments from the private sector to AP, his track record so far in the last 8 months regarding getting the centre to heed to Andhra demands is coming under a lot of cloud. Does he just have feet of clay? Is he not really pushing things aggressively with the centre ? These doubts are now being raised at a higher pitch.

First to come out will be railway budget and we will have a clear answer as to whether AP will get a new railway zone.

  • As per Deccan Chronicle, the centre has decided to split South Central Railway in to 2, but has decided that both these splinters will continue to remain head quartered at Hyderabad. More importantly, Vizag will continue to remain under Bhubaneswar. If this is indeed what is going to be announced, all hell is likely to break loose as this just does not serve any purpose.
  • Secondly there is a long list projects which AP has been waiting for and some of them are now very urgent due to the bifurcation of the state. Read our earlier report HERE. We will know as to how many of them find a place on Suresh Prabhu’s plate.

Then the more important issue of “special category status” and special financial aid to AP.

The BJP government at the centre has already made many noises saying that this is unlikely to be fulfilled though an official announcement is yet to be made. This finance budget will throw more light on the same. We can say confidently, that it now or never. It is foolhardy to believe that whatever does not come on the 28th Feb 2015, can still happen afterwards. It just can not happen. TDP till says everything will happen READ Sujana Chowdhury’s statements. We will know for sure this 28th.

If AP fails to get satisfactory results from the above two budgets, it will not just have serious repercussions on the financial health of the state but on the ability of Chandrababu to force issues with the centre. This week is truly a litmus test for him. Let us all prey that he comes out victorious as that would mean good days for the state.