Speak Up For Andhra
Speak Up For Andhra

Andhrites have rarely seen their leaders, political parties and celebrities fight on their behalf. Not even when there is gross injustice. All through the Telangana agitation when Andhrites were called looters, robbers and cheaters, nobody worth his salt, opened their mouth in favour of this region. The state is bifurcated but the promises made during the bifurcation have been conveniently forgotten by the NDA government at the centre.

People have begun to speak up now and that is welcome. fr a moment, let us forget the reasons for their opening up. Congress may be speaking because they desperately want to have an opening, however small it is. Even then it is welcome. Pawan Kalyan who all along had been eulogizing Modi, has also tweeted today that BJP needs to keep up its promises. This is heartening. There is talk that the TDP wants to now fight openly for AP’s rights. That too is a good development.

Pawan_KalyanThe following are some reports about how there is some pressure being exerted for fulfillment of bifurcation promises.

The following tweets from Pawan Kalyan can be read HERE. ( click here for Pawan’s Twitter page)