By J.Vishnu Shankar:

Telangana CM, KCR, made some extremely provocative comments on AP yesterday. He said AP is a 3rd class state and need not compare itself with Telangana. He cited urbanisation levels and GDP to justify his comments. See the box item news as it appeared in Deccan chronicle.

Also see the New Indian Express report HERE.


While these comments cause a heart burn in every Andhrite, they beg the question as to how to respond to these. Ideally the response will have to be multi pronged and of course, far more matured, than the rabble rousing ways of KCR. Let us not also forget that no CM of one state can legally ( not just morally and ethically) make these comments on any other state, as constitutionally this amounts to creating trouble between people of 2 states.

What should political parties do ?

This applies more to Telangana units of all political parties. They have no choice than to condemn these remarks publicly and loudly. Speaking cheaply about a neighboring state will not make heroes out of Telangana and its people. If anything, this will only damage their long term progress. Civil society in Telangana which has been very active during the Telangana statehood movement, will have to now speak up and condemn these remarks.

What should Andhra Government do ?

AP government will have to immediately and publicly come out and criticize these remarks, ask for an apology and probably even lodge a complaint with the centre. These comments are made against a state and hence against the 5 crore population of AP, which should not be tolerated by any self respecting government as it represents the people of the state.

But in the long run, AP will have to get out of its financial mess, get new investments, create jobs, improve their GDP and bring the state to a position where there is no further scope for any one to even dream of making these utterances. We believe AP government is doing all this, and are convinced that AP’s future is bright.

What should people of AP do?

In any democratic country, people only get a government that they deserve. AP’s citizens can not allow themselves to be divided and distracted anymore. They will have to be firm watch dogs on the level of progress that is being achieved and keep up the pressure on the government for a better performance.

What will Andhra Nation Do ??

We will continue to keep a hawk’s eye on every single development in the state, both positive and negative, that will impact our future. And probably to counter these 3rd class state remarks, we will also compare the progress of both these states from time to time. For example

  • On 31st of May, at the peak of summer, we will carry a story on the power situation in AP and in Telangana.
  • On 30th September, at the conclusion of half year of the coming financial year we will compare new investments that have come to both these states.
  • On 31st October, at the conclusion of the kharif season, we will compare farmer suicide statistics of both these states.
  • On 31st December, when we celebrate the arrival of the new year, we will run a full story on economic comparison of both states that would have completed 18 months of individual statehood.

So by the time we end 2015 and move in to 2016, we will have a much better understanding on which among the two, is actually an inferior state. Good luck to all of us.