temper-samantha tammaBy Samantha Tamma:

Let us get the facts clear at the very outset. Temper is no magnum opus. If anything, Temper is a cocktail of Rowdy Fellow and Patas with an unforgettable old world Abhilasha twist to it. Puri Jagannath is banging again with a very very rough, practical, insane hero.

However everything (and everyone) from reviews to tweets to glowing tributes, make us wonder what is it that made this film tick. If a Director like Ram Gopal Varma tweeted – “Thrilled tht Bandla Ganesh cutting biggest cake in world nd giving party at highest point to celebrate “Temper” whch wil shock evn bollywood” (Spellings as in the tweet), should I talk more? So I go about searching for those small little things that made this big. after all ther has to be some method to the madness as well.
  • Puri’s hero may be making chappatis of everyone around him but the Director brings about the protagonist’s point of change in the heart of a person on a magnanimous canvass – with the drums roaring all around. We have neither seen a Hero so corrupt or so self sacrificing in the recent movies. The twists are worth watching on the big screen. 
  • Posani Krishna Murali will always be remembered for this role – may be after his laksha kotlu dialogue of Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum.
  • Kajal has her standard role of songs and comedy, but what will surprise skeptics like me is that, she too has a very important part to play in the twist of events. 
  • The first half may travel like a passenger train but it helps to establish the crescendo in the second half.
  • And of course, watch it for Puri Jagannath’s world view on selfishness, humanity and what a hero is all about! He takes no sides between the Ram and the Ravan, but what he cannot stand is the mediocre medium.

If these reasons are good enough for you, you may venture to spend those 3 hours in the darkness waiting for a flash in your brains.

In the audio release “NTR” quotes that kashta padi theeyaledu, kasi tho theesa. It was evident that the dialogues have been so loudly rendered as if it was a Ravi Teja Movie.