Economic Times tracks Chandrababu Naidu for one full day. Tells us what we already know – He is an incurable workaholic !!

chandrababu naidu in a meetingChandrababu Naidu’s punishing schedules and the zeal and drive with which he conducts his daily business is well known to the people of Andhra Pradesh. When he first took over the reigns of the combined state in 1995, many ascribed his power packed working style to the youthful spirit of a man who was only 45. But today, at 64, he continues with the same vigour.

Personal preferences and policy differences apart, no one can deny the fact that he is one hard working CM. Economic Times tracked him for one full day and found what we all already know. He is an incurable workaholic and there is much from his work ethic that other politicians can learn.

READ the full Economic Times report HERE on “A day in the life of Chandrababu Naidu”.

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